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FGLIMed Advancement Scholarship


Award Amounts - $500 each

FGLIMed Advancement Scholarship 2020

Pre-medical and medical student applicants must be applying to residency or medical school in the 2020-2021 application cycle. Both MD and DO programs are eligible.

  • Eligibility

Choose from ONE of 3 prompts to address in either essay or video format.


All submitted materials must be original, representing the work of the applicant. 

Essay: 500 word limit. Video: 3 minute limit.

  1. As FGLI students, we often find ourselves living in at least two communities which may be quite different - our home or familial communities, and the community within our educational institutions. How did/does your background shape who you are, and the physician you hope to become?  

  2. Describe a time when your background empowered you to have a unique perspective or insight. How has mentorship played a role in your empowerment? How might you use this perspective in your work as an aspiring medical student or physician?  

  3. What role has advocacy, for yourself or others, played in your life? How can you bring an idea, value, or concept from your family or community culture to the world of medicine?

  • Instructions
Submit by Monday, September 7th at 11:59PM EST.
  • Deadlines
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